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Trollbeads - New Leather Bracelet, Beige, without lock

Beads and double-ended locks, which enable you to change the beads on your bracelet without tools, are sold separately.

Note that the listed lengths indicate the total length of the bracelet with a lock attached.

Basic Lock, Swan Lock, and Gold Heart Lock will not fit a leather bracelet, so we recommend that you choose a different lock for your leather bracelet.

instead 35,00 EUR
Only 26,25 EUR
Trollbeads  - Sienna Bubble Joy
instead 35,00 EUR
Only 26,25 EUR
Elfbeads - Frost Basics Limited - Set #03

The Frost Basics Limited - Set is a set of five frosted beads with a silky smooth surface as shown in the picture.


instead 140,00 EUR
Only 112,00 EUR

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